A freelance artist living in Brisbane, Australia who creates lively illustrations with a focus on colour and emotion.

Here you will find a collection of my artworks, from client work to fanart to sketches and WIPs.

If you wish to contact me for commission or employment inquiries, email me at mmishee.mw@gmail.com

Super Smash Bros character buttons - I Main (____)

Choose your fighter and wear your main proudly!

I decided on Wednesday I would make a few Smash Bros Buttons. On Thursday I finished all 48 characters (sans miis and variants). about 15-17 hours work across 2 days. I haven’t had a decent night sleep in some time. :B …

…Well anyway these are all available to buy on my Etsy! (just remember shipping starts from the 28th). You can buy 1, packs of 4 for 15% off, 5 for 20% off, or 10 packs for 25% off!

I’ll be flying out to New Zealand on the 21st for a family wedding, and no internet access so you’ll hear from me when I get back after a week! (no internet… weh)

This also means that I won’t be shipping out orders made after the 21st until the 26th of October.